Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

On Self-Organization and Social Unrest

My assessment is that the long tradition of violence and intimidation against the own people through regimes of several dictatorships around the world, is not prevailing anymore, because from a self-organizational point of view a critical mass of people in the developing countries received education throughout the times of thriving economies and therefore invested in their minds to reached a certain level of evolution of their individual consciousness as well as their collective consciousness as a society, now demanding more as their oppressive regimes are willing to give them. Therefore the people are not willing anymore to obey blindly and feel intimidated by their oppressive regimes. So from an psychological standpoint they are not willing anymore to back the 'ego-games' or projects only flattering and bolstering the egos of their dictators or so-called presidents. Instead the critical mass of now awakened/awakening people, who invested in their education through the last decades, more and more prefer to stay in selfreference and not being oppressively governed in constant alloreference as they were used to be.

In other words the people's selforganization process as individuals and as groups/societies in nowadays revolting countries reached a point on which they feel they have to overcome their oppressive regimes, who are still representatives of the old logic of oppression, submission, injustice and inequality, ruling through intensive violence and intimidation. Unlike further times in which these kind of ruling where accepted by broad parts of these societies, leaving just some intellectuals demanding more freedoms, now broad parts of oppressive societies more and more wake up and demand personal freedoms and individual rights in large scale and get rid of their former rulers to consolidate on a higher level of collective consciousness with more civilized social contracts.

© by Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann 
Global Philosopher

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