Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

Australia's Dark Past and Its Way Into a Bright Future

It's been some years ago, when I was in Australia, but it was in this millennium, only to see how little has changed in Australia until now, when it comes to the recognition of Indigenous Australians, Aborigines respectively, and the acknowledgement of what injustice has been committed to this people which still prevails in today's Australia. Yes, there is a lot of discussion going on in these days about altering Australia's constitution to finally respect indigenous people of this continent! But the current situation also shows dramatically, how far behind Australia is, when it comes to equality and giving Indigenous Australians a fair chance at the job market and to participate in the society in general. Especially in comparison with other developed countries around the world as well as within the Common Wealth of Nations and the situation of the natives in these countries Australia brings up the caboose or at least is among those who come in last with respect to respect the human rights of the indigenous minority in general. The degree of civilisation is to be measured based on how the powerful majority protects their minorities in the constitution and jurisdiction as well as how the majority treats minorities fair in everyday live. Even though Australia is on a good way, for this country and continent there is still a long way to go, there is still a long way home, sailing into the harbour of truly civilised nations.
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016

Angry Old Men - Quo Vadis America?

America is in danger, but not as you might think: Not from the outside but from within. There is a movement, strike that, a momentum of Angry Old Men in America, as I want to put it. It seems, they are very concerned, as America is changing too quickly for them to adapt. And surprise, surprise, most of the Angry Old Men are white considering themselves either actively as part of white supremacy or supporting the notion of an America dominated by white men passively, wether or not they are white men themselves or just backing this ideology hegemonically. But in recent years America has changed a lot.
So those who are not bright and flexible enough in their minds are not able, even more so not willing to adapt to this change, as they see the USA - the way they knew it - in decline. But it is not the USA that is in decline, but it is their rule, and an America of the past, in which they were in charge undisputedly without any separation of powers in terms of sharing power with other colors and groups in society.
Of course the Angry Old Men now see America suffering from an erosion of their predominance as the USA individualizes herself, becomes more and more heterogeneous, liberal, as well as inclusive and cooperative in people's mindsets.
So the Angry Old Men see their sinecure increasingly washed away in the stream of time and get more and more angry. They shout out loud their anger, as they want to live their lives with force, fear, violence, and in full control, as they were used to, in order to push back or at least to contain any developments of democratization and advances in making the respect of human rights an experience in our daily lives.
It seems as the mouthpiece of this movement and momentum is Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner in the race for the White House. Trump is definitely not the oldest, but the loudest of these Angry Old Men.
As we can explain many phenomena of our adult lives through analyzing our early childhood and youth experiences psychologically, the one million dollar question is: Which trigger experience in his early childhood or youth made Donald Trump so angry? In other words: What drives Trump psychologically to act like a loose cannon?
Systemic Analyst
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann