Sonntag, 23. November 2014

The sovereign country of Kurdistan?

Kurds are not only fighting on the world's behalf against ISIS but they are also fighting to establish their own sovereign country along with this at the same time. The end result of all this Western backed Kurdish engagement against ISIS in the Middle East is crystal clear, a sovereign Kurdistan. This is what the Kurds are waiting for over many decades, this is what they are fighting for. This is what is at stake behind the scenes. The new borderline of the then newly established Kurdistan is not clear yet in its details, but many Kurds are convinced that it will include large parts of Northern Iraq and the bulk of Northern Syria as well as the suppressed Kurds in Eastern Turkey and in Western Iran. These are the regions where the Peshmerga shed their blood in the war against ISIS and where the Kurds used to settle for centuries. So the fight of the Kurdish people for their own sovereign country of Kurdistan is as intense as the fight of the Palestinians for their own sovereign country. The only significant difference between these two intheir fight for souvereignity might be that in the 1970ies the former prime minister (Bundeskanzler) of Austria Dr. Bruno Kreisky changed the status of the PLO, from a Jassir-Arafat-led international recognized terror group to a political party representing a more or less sovereign Palestinian state, officially recognized by Austria in giving the PLO an embassy in Vienna for this reason. This changes the political landscape for the Palestinians. And some countries followed this Austrian advance of recognizing the PLO as political party.
The in the eyes of the world listed as terrorist organisation marxist Kurdish PKK with its leader Abdullah Öcalan, imprisoned with a life-sentence by the Turkish court and seen by Kurds as living saint, has in its process of establishing their own sovereign country still not yet the luck to get the international support for changing its reputation and reaching its goal to be the proponent for a sovereign Kurdistan. If the Kurds would just live in Western Iran, it might be in the interest of the USA to destabilize Iran by supporting the Kurds in their effort to establish a sovereign Sunni Kurdistan on the territory of Shiite Iran. But since the majority of Kurds are living in Eastern Turkey the spark would jump over the borders and would result in a political firestorm out of control of the initiators. So the lack of Western support of a sovereign Kurdistan is because Turkey as a crucial partner in the NATO would be destabilized by these efforts losing the Kurdish parts in its East. So the territorial claim of a sovereign Kurdistan is affecting 4 countries (Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria) and would destabilize the whole region, where the Kurds used to live over centuries.
But nevertheless at the moment the Kurdish Peshmerga which are also the extension of the West in the region, getting more and more international sympathy and support in their fight against ISIS, the new bad guys, respectively terrorist group, which are out of control in its brutality against all of the people including the civilians.

So systemically it is necessary for stabilization of the whole region to recognize the Kurds in their decades-long effort for their own sovereign country. Otherwise the IS (Islamic State) in their brutality beyond imagination fill the power vacuum, and this cannot be in the interest of any civilized human being.

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann