Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2016

Brussels Calling

The re-vote of the 2nd Austrian presidential election took an unexpected twist in the last days before December 4th, unexpected for the majority of analysts. But the continuous storyline for months is much more interesting than that. So according to the official statements Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen won the Austrian presidential election on December 4th. In many eyes this represents a win for the democratic forces.
The sad thing about it is, how the election was won, in other words, what led to the victory of Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, since the media has played an influential role in this whole election cycle for many months, and it obviously seemed to be necessary for most journalists and media experts to more or less act as campaigners for Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen in effort to make sure that he will win this presidential election.
To argue that a tendentious media helping one candidate into the office and doing everything within their power to impede the other is a win for democracy is at least highly questionable in terms of democratic understanding, and to pretend that the shown line of argument throughout the election cycle would be fair and not biased, is at least strongly hypocritical and undermines the democratic values of the free world the establishment says to hold dear.
So the mainstream media played a major role for this result of the election, partly bound to its fear mongering against Ing. Norbert Hofer by influential figures of large parts of society and the political landscape, via tendentious questioning, unfairly distributed speaking time, led by well experienced anchors/moderators, not missing any opportunity to demonize Ing. Norbert Hofer in effort to portray him as creature from hell, which allegedly may strive for world domination.
And this tendentious maneuvering by the media was seen for the majority of journalists and media experts to be necessary to distract from the positions of Ing. Norbert Hofer not being a Yes-Man to globalization and to everything Brussels orders. But anyway, again the thing is not so much, who won this presidential election, but how it was won.
Regardless of which of the two candidates the electorate preferred, and who therefore won, both candidates had their flaws, but sadly the homogeneous media did a 'perfect job' to inflate the public to go against everyone with a different opinion and to label them as Nazis or the like. Is this sort of manipulation via false allegations the public duty of 'free' mainstream media in this day and age?
So one has to be very ideologized and one-sided not to realize and acknowledge, that this election cycle was one of the dirtiest, if not the dirtiest presidential election cycle in the history of Austria's 2nd Republic, and the whole cycle was entirely dominated, driven and fueled by fear mongering against Ing. Norbert Hofer through the establishment, let alone playing with the Sword of Damocles hanging over the voter's head in terms of a threatening return of at that time conspiring 'EU14' imposing later regretted unsubstantiated sanctions on Austria in 2000, if this time Austrians don't fall into line with the European elites' wish to vote for Brussels 'Sweetheart Candidate' in advance. Is Austria generally expected to behave as Germany's 17th state so to speak, without the right to act on its own authority?
Although this presidential election was once more a text-book example for a strong media bias against one candidate, in this case against Ing. Norbert Hofer, it is interesting that most journalists and media experts in the 'Alp Republic' and beyond still think that they hold the legitimacy of being neutral, objective, and balanced in their coverage and commentating, despite obviously their only objective was to get Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen the presidency, in other words to make sure the next Austrian President is called Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen.
From a systemic analyst and philosophical standpoint with strong emphasis on criticism of ideology the performed political and media theater provokes the following question: How world future elections turn out, if the mainstream media proponents withstood their urge to get engaged as chief ideologists in campaigns of their liking while falsely pretending to be neutral, and instead returned to their official role of providing non-ideologized neutral and objective coverage as their function in society would suppose them to do.
So after all this mainstream media driven 'voter intimidation', if you will, the sad but real result of this election is the self-inflicted dismantling of credibility of the once honorable profession of journalism by most of the established journalists and media experts, degenerating journalists to one-sided campaigners and propagandists misusing their official positions and media stations. So it is disturbing that the media establishment is not showing a touch of criticial reflection not even a single bit, not making amends for their shown tendentious role. Instead the media establishment just gets back to business as usual following its political agenda, which was prolonged once more.
That shown behavior of the mainstream media followed the ideologized one-sided worldwide trend and once more contributed to the demolishing of trust in the establishment and its media, which in the medium term did themselves and democracy a disservice. But given to the outlined scenario it was understandably easier for the majority of the Austrian public to comply and vote for the greenish candidate Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen. Brussels Calling: Mission accomplished!
Systemic Analyst and Philosopher
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann
p.s.: My deepest condolences: In the year 2016, following the international trend line, also in Austria the publicly expected duty of the "independent and neutral journalism and its coverage" was carried to its grave. R.I.P.

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016

Austrian Presidential Election - Reloaded

According to my assessment, factoring in many indications and indicators and given the actual worldwide trend line, which strongly tends to bash the established elites and their media, a trend following a feeling of many people not wanting to be controlled by foreign powers or political entities, but wanting to regain their national sovereignty, I predict that the re-vote of the 2nd Austrian presidential election on the 4th of December 2016 will result in a victory for Ing. Norbert Hofer over Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen. A victory of Ing. Norbert Hofer at December 4th is most likely, despite through the entire presidential election cycle the public witnessed a strong bias and animosity against Ing. Norbert Hofer by the majority of mainstream media.
In this process so many journalists and so called 'experts' of the media world entirely lost their neutrality and objectivity and turned out to be more or less outspoken propagandists for Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen in effort to manipulate the public to vote for the preferred candidate of the establishment Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen.
So in my estimation Ing. Norbert Hofer will win the election under the premises of a fairly held election, if there are no significant irregularities during the election and the vote count process, and no major events will occur in the next few days acting as 'game changer'.
But àpropos game changer: Following this argumentation of mine and factoring in the prelude to the December 4th 2016 re-vote of the Austrian presidential election, which is so far the result of the longest presidential election cycle in Austria due to the challenging of the results of the 2st round of the Austrian presidential election won by Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen earlier this year, now a victory of Ing. Norbert Hofer would itself not only be a game changer but would leave Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, the winner of the challenged 2st round of the Austrian presidential election in 2016, in the position of being so far the 1st Austrian President, who never became president, who actually never took office, so to speak.
We live in turbulent times and therefore turbulent events are no exception to that.
Systemic Analyst and Philosopher
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann