Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016

Austrian Presidential Election - Reloaded

According to my assessment, factoring in many indications and indicators and given the actual worldwide trend line, which strongly tends to bash the established elites and their media, a trend following a feeling of many people not wanting to be controlled by foreign powers or political entities, but wanting to regain their national sovereignty, I predict that the re-vote of the 2nd Austrian presidential election on the 4th of December 2016 will result in a victory for Ing. Norbert Hofer over Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen. A victory of Ing. Norbert Hofer at December 4th is most likely, despite through the entire presidential election cycle the public witnessed a strong bias and animosity against Ing. Norbert Hofer by the majority of mainstream media.
In this process so many journalists and so called 'experts' of the media world entirely lost their neutrality and objectivity and turned out to be more or less outspoken propagandists for Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen in effort to manipulate the public to vote for the preferred candidate of the establishment Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen.
So in my estimation Ing. Norbert Hofer will win the election under the premises of a fairly held election, if there are no significant irregularities during the election and the vote count process, and no major events will occur in the next few days acting as 'game changer'.
But àpropos game changer: Following this argumentation of mine and factoring in the prelude to the December 4th 2016 re-vote of the Austrian presidential election, which is so far the result of the longest presidential election cycle in Austria due to the challenging of the results of the 2st round of the Austrian presidential election won by Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen earlier this year, now a victory of Ing. Norbert Hofer would itself not only be a game changer but would leave Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, the winner of the challenged 2st round of the Austrian presidential election in 2016, in the position of being so far the 1st Austrian President, who never became president, who actually never took office, so to speak.
We live in turbulent times and therefore turbulent events are no exception to that.
Systemic Analyst and Philosopher
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

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