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About Doing Business in Berlin and its Mentality

Having had the opportunity to do business in Berlin many times, from a psychogeographical standpoint I observed different phenomenological qualities existing in Berlin. On the one hand Berlin, as the biggest city in the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg), is an eclectic and multicultural metropolis with many different aspects, but on the other hand as a feeling person I experienced not just the big intellectual sphere which is cultivated in Berlin over centuries but also a huge amount of strong erruptive emotions coming from its people, in terms of rudness and harshness and an explosive way of expressing emotions to each other.

That led me to the conclusion that in Berlin there is a huge open space for different ideas, discussions and debates, making it a great place for open minds and creative people wnating to have as least mental limits as possible, but this huge open intellectual space deriving from being the prefered metropolis of German emperors aside Vienna as the Austrian emperor metropolis, Berlin is filled with one of the most raw, blunt, brute and reckless behaviour by its residents I have ever experienced. In this Berliner mentality politness, respectfulness and thoughtfulness as well as niceness seem to seen by the Berliner as uptightness, limitation to the strongest form of individualization I have ever experienced.

When it comes to the economical situation in Berlin the city's official motto 'arm aber sexy' ('poor but sexy') promoted by its mayor Klaus Wowereit has a certain kind of influence on its people respectively shows how the decades of communicsm influenced the mentality. Every time when I had to do in Berlin I experienced a peculiar trait existing in the mentalities of many Berliner. Within the city of Berlin I always sensed a cultivalted resentment against money, capital and ambition from its selfconfident residents used to be part/surrounded by communicst values. So I always found this resentment to be contraproductive when doing business in Berlin.

In my point of view Berlin is compareble with New York City in many ways especially when it comes to the intellectual sphere and the degree of individualization, but Berlin is a more Russian and - due to its close border to Poland - Polish kind of NYC with a more harsh wind blowing into the face of its residents when people of Berlin get together than in other cities in the German speaking countries.

Therefore sensitive and polite souls will probably feel strange in Berlin facing this typical Berliner mentality. By the way I have met several nice, friendly, polite and hearty Berliner but as a matter of fact all of them where coming from somewhere else but not originally from Berlin just trying to get along with the harsh, rude and almost aggressive Siberian wind 'cultivated' in Berlin.

© by Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann
Global Philosopher

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