Sonntag, 6. November 2016

Presidential Election 2016 and the American DNA

After intensive observing and assessing for the last months or so and factoring in history, recently I came to the conclusion, that unless some major events occur it is most likely that Donald Trump will win the race for the White House, this 2016 elections, an election season so historic and notorious, that many historians to come will have work to do, and so in the coming days, on November 8th, to be specific, I think he will be announced President-elect of the USA. Why, but why do I come to this estimation, leading me to this conclusion?
A good question, but answered easily. According to what is widely considered as 'progressive' the American people has never been as progressive as many of them thought they were, they overall tended to be conservative, so why should it be different this time, or should I say this time again, since president Barack Obama only could get elected after the Bush years, as sheer reaction to the two preemptive wars, in which under false premises then president George W. Bush had led the American people into and under which so many Americans lost their lives and their loved ones as a result of that.
So my premise is that under 'normal circumstances', meaning under a 'regular president', who hadn't dragged the American public into two preemptive wars under dubious premises, resulting in a huge mess in the Middle East along with radical cuts in personal freedoms through the Homeland Act, president Barack Obama never would have had a shot to become president and to be seen by so many Americans as an extraordinary relief from the predecessor and as a possibility to truly turn the page.
And now we are in the final days of a fiercely fought and by far the dirtiest election in American history, at least in living memory, in which Hillary Clinton, as a key factor of the administration of president Barack Obama, is running against Donald Trump, who many consider to be the anti-establishment change agent rallying with slogans like 'Drain the Swamp' referring to the seemingly corrupt lobbyist system in Washington, D.C.
But besides all that, why for heaven's sake should the USA, a country in which many of its states stick to their guns, fight for keeping their laws like 'Stand Their Ground', hold their death penalty regulations dear, even in states with democrats as majority such as California, why should this county, so much known for - if at all - making two steps forward, followed by one step back, why should the American people vote for Hillary over The Donald, giving her the much needed 270+ in the electoral college?
Because if they did so, if the majority of the American people elected Hillary Clinton for president this time round and not Donald Trump, the American constituency would not only make a third step forward, after having taken two steps at once with the first African-American president, but even jump forward.
In other words, it would mean the following: The American people given all its described characteristics, after having made history with Barack Obama, and already having taken two steps forward at once, by electing Hillary Clinton for president would not need a single step back anymore, not even to consolidate. So the American electorate would vote against their whole way of thinking and their cultural DNA, and I have to say the third time in a row (2008, 2012, 2016) in electing right after the first African-American president a woman into the Oval Office, as first female president.
Given the history of America, do you really think that will happen? Do you really think that would be likely? I doubt it.
It would be very surprising and in stark contrast to the many aspects of the Union, which in many cases is deeply based in the Old Testament, and predominantly never has made the jump successfully even to the New Testament, not to mention to the Human Rights declared in the various existing charters.
So why now should the American people jump into a situation of having the first female president right after having had the first Afro-American president in the White House?
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann
Philosopher and Systemic Analyst

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