Sonntag, 11. August 2013

Showdown around Snowdon

The recent developments have shown that one man (Edward Snowdon) can cause a new "ice age" between the USA and the Russian Federation, just because of the fact that he gets temporary asylum in Russia. That marks a turning point in the relations between these two countries which were not even best friends before the Snowdon-incident occurred. It becomes obvious how different these two countries are and how much they are still in rivalry. The economical bonds between Russia and the USA will not be in peril through that but the "Showdown around Snowdon" signalize more a political and diplomatic issue. Of course in the long run an economical negative outcome can derive from this tense situation but albeit this fact, the USA and Russia are to dependent on each other economy-wise and need each other as a sales market for their resources and products. And none of these two countries wants to deepen the economic crisis which hold the world still in its grip. Russia still relies strongly on its only real resource, it's vast amount of natural resources, and the USA will further try to make the world belief that its image of the land of the free and of boundless opportunity is still real and active.
So for the months to come I don't foresee any stark changes in policy for the economies of these two countries who are so dependent on the thrive of their economies, not to loose ground on the battlefield of global markets, its players and dynamics.

© by Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann
Global Philosopher

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