Mittwoch, 29. November 2017

The Colony - Globalization Unmasked

Colonialism has never ended, proving most of historians wrong, since they have been trapped in the Euphemism Treadmill (Steven Pinker - Harvard University). Colonialism has never ended, only the words have, through relabeling. Colonialism has never ended, only the masters have, conducted by new - though not so new - players.

Today it's just called Globalization, working with the same power structures as in the heyday of the so-called Colonialism. So modern-day Colonialism is conducted by the new bullies on the block, namely the corporations, multinational corporations, which in former times - in terms of technology only less connected - were represented by the colonial powers, we can read much about.

Needless to say that so many of the corporations ruling the world today in our globalized world, ruled by global corporations, multinational corporations, are from the very same countries, which in the old days ruled over the world as colonial masters, exploiting local people and nature systematically, like corporations do in many regions globally today in our globalized world, ruled by multinational corporations, using the same power structures as in so-called Colonialism.

Since not the world has changed, only Colonialism has changed putting another mask on to deceive so many people, who think we improved as humans, delighted and fooled by globalization, overlooking that Colonialism only comes with new labels, new names, and new people using and filling the very old power structures and positions of Colonialism, ruling as Colonialism 2.0, to many people very well-known as Globalization, in which almost all the people worldwide are subjected to the new, but not so new, colonial masters, the multinational corporations, earning immense profits by ruling over their colony, the globalized world.

But there is a slight difference to former times: On the one hand these ruling corporations are truly globalized, in terms of coming not only from the West but more and more from the East, and on the other hand the scandalous human trafficking, nowadays peaking in slave markets in Libya, is just an expression of this Colonialism 2.0 connecting buyers and sellers in the blink of an eye.

Systemic Analyst and Philosopher
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

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